Zumba Charitable Event

The third edition of the event attracted a big crowd to the stage. In fact, it probably could compete for a Guiness record in the biggest number of attendees. There were many reasons for that, the primary one being the goal the event organizers had in mind – charity. This iteration of Zumba marathon had the intention of supporting the Future for the Children foundation, in a project aimed to gather funds by counting kilometers travelled. The distance beaten by the participants and the calories they burnt was a truly heroic team effort, and everyone who participated until the very end should feel honoured.

This year, the event was enhanced in a way. The marathon was enriched with new dance inspirations. Participants could also try Salsation and Salsa, and both these surprises were received with great enthusiasm. This year’s sport thrills were provided by local instructors and first-time guests. Some came for the marathon explicitly, like Marek Ciećwierz, who came all the way from Toruń. Among the instructors were the irreplaceable Patrycja Polakowska, Patrycja Wieczorek, Michał Młyński, Gabi Chmielewska, Joanna Riabczenko and Kamila Grygorowicz.

The participants also had a chance to appear on stage, and play the roles of salsa dancers and instructors. It would seem, this opportunity was well received, since every person who took a try came back with a smile brighter than before, and not only due to attractive surprise gifts. The prizes were funded by the partners of the event : Planeta Formy, Fitness Club Sylwetka, FitPerfect, Lilla Salsa Academy, Body Perfect, and also the sponsors: Jumping Zone, Rabatol and the Olsztyn City Hall.

During the party, specifically labelled foundation volunteers were also there to gather donations from the guests. Due to the generousness of everyone involved, the event was a big helping hand towards the foundation. The whole thing was managed by the one and only Anita Kozłowska. And so, in such a sunny and energetic manner, the sport-oriented part of Kortowiada has ended. The commitment of every participant is a sign, that the next year’s show can only get better.