Video Games Tournament

Everything was well organized, and everything went as planned with no technical difficulties.

The LoL tournament and the variety in champions played was really exciting. The teams “Inwektywa” and “Wytrzeźwiałka” were dominating from the beginning. They both got to the finals with ease, but “Inwektywa” remained uncontested, winning the final match 2-0, grabbing the main prize.

The CS:GO tournament was no different. Menele Yareda, Team Solo Litr, zYRIA and Flaszka Panoramixa were the favorites, and got to the semi-finals easily.

The final match took place on Saturday.

zYRIA and Team Solo Litr fough evenly, but zYRIA prevailed in the end, taking home the main prize. The next CS:GO and LoL tournaments will take place next year.

Shoutout to all E-Sports enthusiasts ;)