Silent Party

The night slowly began in Kortowo. Wednesday came to an end, but not for those waiting for an adventure.  In a tent there was flashing light and a lot of people who gathered to listen to music. But not in a normal way. Last night the tent changed into the biggest SILENT PARTY in history of Kortowiada.

No matter the type of music you normally listen to, it was the event that you couldn’t miss. Putting on the headphones was enough to find yourself in your own world - while still being surrounded by other people dancing. Everyone to different kind of music.

Couples, groups of friends or the newcomers to a world full of music danced in the rhythm of trans, disco or Polish pop songs. Everyone had fun while listening to the most popular hits coming from the speakers. Such an event can't be ignored. And even if the queue was long, it definitely was worth the wait.

As the time was passing by, the groups were getting bigger and bigger. So did the thrill of those gathered in the tent. Who was thirsty after dancing could simply drink some cold beverages at the Lech's station.

It was the perfect start of Kortowiada 2017 in the tent. And we invite you for another party - today! The Disco Tent is waiting for you!