Kortowo Hill

The main attraction of Kortowiada are of course the concerts on Kortowska Hill. The first act to initiate the Friday's series of concerts was Peja. He performed his biggest hits including "Głucha Noc". Right after him the scene belonged to the iconic band Kombi. During their best-known song "Pokolenie" the students made a wave. Then, Kortowska Hill was taken over by Pidżama Porno during their second in history Kortowiada performance. Moreover, we could witness the great talent of our Ajdol contest winner Paulina Świniarska who performed "Highway To Hell" by AC/DC. Then it was time for Perfect to give a show. The crowds went wild and very emotional during their performance as almost everyone knows their songs and can relate to them in a way. Next we could hear another Ajdol contest winners Ola (with "Czerwone Korale" by Brathanki) and Michał (with "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf). Another act to set the stage on fire was REMADY and Manu-L - the winners of Kormoran 2016. The whole event was closed by the disco band Piękni i Młodzi who did a great job making exhausted crowds dance and sing on the top of their lungs.