It was the eighth time that we witnessed KortoFest - an overview of rock bands. The event started at 4:30 pm. The audience was lit hence the support and positive energy the bands received was enormous. The bands which were pumping up the crowds were: Drunk Lamb, Motława, CHORZY, Futurelight, and Blue Veins. The competition was worth the candle as the winner was to take it ALL: 5000zl, a professional recording session in Studio Radia UWM FM, the promo pack from Iron Media, and two electroacoustic Baton Rouge X10C/SJCE BT Suzanna guitars. The sponsors of these great prizes were Rada Uczelniana Samorządu Studenckiego, Iron Media, Radio UWM FM, Baton Rouge Guitars, and König&Meyers. Thejury picked CHORZY band as the winner of the competition. Keep up the good work, guys!