Bob One - Bogumił Morawski – polish rapper, vocalist and producer. A member of sound sytems Rob Pulse and Raibow Hi-Fi. Bas Tajpan, formally Damian Krępa, also known as Bass Doc. and Bas - polish vocalist and author of lyrics, his music is a combination o reggae, hip-hop and raggamuffin. Damian Krępa is known for his appearances in groups such as: 13 Chilli Pół Fuksa, HaiHaieR, Mustagarai and Ushat Sound System. He leads his solo career but has also worked with artists such as: Fokus, IGS, Projektor, Junior Stress, Firam, Miuosh, Bosski Roman, Paluch, Peja, Lukatricks, NON Koneksja, Skorup, Fu and Hemp Gru.